Climate Impact of Initiative Development biogas project in China

Location : Zhaotong. Yunnan, China

Partners name : Initiative Developpement

Project description : This project consists in promoting the construction of 800,000 biodigesters by 2020 in 7 regions of the Sichuan provinces. Biogas is an amazing technology. Bacteria can transform animal and human waste into a burnable gas. By connecting existing pigsty and new outhouse to a buried biogas tank enough biogas is produced to fulfill a family cooking energy needs. The biogas produced reduce firewood and coal consumptions. Households saves in average 70$/year in fuel purchase cost and the indoor air quality is improved as well.

Work done :

  • Definition of monitoring plan
  • Baseline assessment and monitoring of project impacts
  • Writing of carbon documentation and submission to the Gold Standard Foundation

Date Begin : 2008/11

Date End : Ongoing

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