Fuel data-logging scale

The FUEL sensor was developped in partnership with the Oregon State University.

It logs fuel consumption in real time. It is an easier and less obtrusive alternative to the KPT.  With its long battery life and wireless connectivity it empowers anyone to measure a stove actual fuel consumption in a real life setting. The FUEL sensor exist in a tensile version (optimized for firewood, charcoal or agricultural residue) and a compressive version (optimized for LPG).


       - 50 kg capacity

       - 0.1g resolution
       - Wireless connectivity for easy launch in the field
       - Internal storage for one millions logs (3 months @ 8s log rate)
       - Easy re-calibration with reference weight


       - FUEL User Manual

       - Comparison between the FUEL sensor and the KPT

Price: US$40 / 3 months rental

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