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About us

What we believe in


Our mission is to  make impact assessment studies affordable without compromising on their quality.

How can we achieve that?

  • We have developed sensors to help us measure the outcome of cooktove interventions. We manufacture those sensors and we can leverage large number of them in our studies. They are also available if you have monitoring experts in house and would like use those those tools yourself.
  • We leverage your access to local ressources. This reduce overhead costs while still providing the independence of a third-party analysis and study design.
  • We focus exclusively on cookstove impact assessment since 2008. Our data collection tools are mature and we know exactly how to get to the desired results.

If you believe in our mission, talk to us about your project and you’ll be surprised by the value we can deliver!


Our services

Stove usage assessment

Stove usage assessment

Stove field emission testing

Stove field emission testing

Measuring health impact

Measuring health impact

Fuel savings and climate impact

Fuel savings and climate impact


HAPEx v4 - PM2.5 Data logger

The HAPEx is a wireless PM2.5 real time data logger used to assess kitchen concentration or personal exposure to harmful pollutants.

The key features of the HAPEx sensors are:

     - Small and light weight (1.4"x2.6"x0.9"; 1.4oz / 3.5cm*6,5cm*2cm ; 40g)

     - Accelerometer for compliance monitoring

     - Wide measurement range (10 µg/m3 - 60 mg/m3)

     - 5 years battery life


Price: US$ 119 per unit 


Contact us to get a full quote (including worldwide shipping).


EXACT Stove Usage Monitor

The EXACT sensor is a wireless Continuous Stove Monitoring system.

The key features of the EXACT are:

- Works on any stove (Infra-Red technology)

- Automatic background temperature  compensation

- Weather proof

- 4 years battery life

- Automatic cooking event detection


Price: US$ 29 per unit


Contact us to get a full quote (including worldwide shipping).



Unified Wireless Launcher

The Unified Wireless Launcher is the main interface to all our sensors. It will enable you to launch or download data for several different sensor per household in a matter of minutes.

The main feature of the launcher are:

- Rechargeable battery with long run time

- Store data to micro SD card

- Touch screen for easy operation of the sensors

- Update over the internet


Price: US$ 99 per unit


Contact us to get a full quote (including worldwide shipping).

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