EXACT Stove Use Monitor

The EXACT sensor is a wireless Stove Use Monitor that can be used to measure the usage of any type cookstove in the household. Temperature measurement are done using a contactless infra red technology making our sensor very versatile. For instance, open fires are easy to monitor with the EXACT unlike other sensors that rely on direct measurement method.


The small size and high temperature rating (full metal contruction) enable it to be deployed directly on portable cookstoves that are moved frequently. The EXACT is fully water proof and dust proof and can be deployed outdoors if needed. Long deployement of up to 4 continuous years are possible!


In addition to these features, the EXACT also feature a unique background temperature compensation algorithm that remove diurnual ambient temperature swings and leave only the measured temperature of the stove above ambient. This  greatly simplify the data analysis and allow an on the fly simple threshold algorithm to give accurate cooking event


The key features of the EXACT are:

- Works on any stove (Infra-Red technology)

- Automatic background temperature  compensation

- Weather proof

- 5 years battery life

- Automatic cooking event detection

Price: US$ 30 per unit

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