HAPEx - PM2.5 Data logger

The HAPEx is a wireless PM2.5 real time data logger used to assess kitchen concentration or personal exposure to particulate matter. This sensors is adapted to monitor PM2.5 concentration in the kitchen of solid fuel users where the concentration on PM2.5 can reach very high value. While most sensor will saturate a 500 ug/m3, the HAPEx can reach 60,000 ug/m3. On the other end, the HAPEx sensor has a lower sensitivity at low concentration, the limit of detection is around 10 ug/m3.


Another strength of the HAPEx sensor is its very long battery life. The internal battery of the HAPEx can provide enough energy for 5 years of continuous measurement. Its small size and integrated accelerometer makes it perfect for personal exposure measurement.


Like other light scaterring PM sensor, the HAPEx sensitivity depends on the aerosol type. To make absolute PM2.5  measurements (expressed in ug/m3), the HAPEx sensor should be collocoated with a gravimetric sampler (like our uPump). It can then provide calibrated real time PM2.5 measurement.


The key features of the HAPEx sensors are:

     - Small and light weight (1.4"x2.6"x0.9"; 1.4oz / 3.5cm*6,5cm*2cm ; 40g)

     - Accelerometer for compliance monitoring

     - Wide measurement range (10 µg/m3 - 60 mg/m3)

     - 5 years battery life


Price:  starting at US$ 40 for 3 months rental (include pre and post calibration)


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