Fuel Savings and Climate Impact

The climate impact of a clean cooking intervention can be tied directly to the fuel consumption reductions it achieves. However, measuring real life fuel consumption without influencing cooking behavior is challenging.

The Kitchen Performance Test (KPT), the current go to method, does require household visits every 24h, it is labor intensive and has been shown to influence the cook’s behavior.

We use instead the FUEL sensor, a data logging scale developed in partnership with Oregon State University. The FUEL sensor measures and record the fuel mass every 4 seconds. Multiple sensors can be deployed to measure the concurrent use of different fuel types. Firewood, Agricultural Residues and charcoal are measured with hanging scale while LPG is measured with a compressive scale.

This unique solution provides an unobtrusive way to gain very detailed insights in complex fuel usage patterns. It solves many of the KPT’s shortcoming while being both more cost effective and more accurate.

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