Stove usage assessment

With our game changing usage sensor, we can assess the usage pattern of all the stove being used in a household. In addition to quantitative information derived from our sensors, we collect qualitative information from the cook to get the stories behind measured usage rate.

Understanding when and how often your intervention stove is used helps maximizing impact. It will give you the information you need to increase usage rate or to pivot to another stove if user adoption is too low.

Stove field emission testing

Lab test is useful as a first assessment of a stove performance but you really need to test a stove in the field to assess how it actually perform in real life. With a series of Uncontrolled Cooking Test and a probe we can measure emissions during cooking task done by local cooks.We can measure CO2, CO, PM2.5, Black Carbon and Organic Carbon and derive emission factor (per kg of fuel) and emission rate (per minute of cooking). We can deliver study compliant with the GS Black Carbon methodology.

Measuring health impact

Measuring actual 48h exposure to PM2.5 enable you to understand the health impact of your intervention. With our combination of gravimetric sampler and light scattering logger we can assess this metric for any member of the household and translate this data into averted DALY thanks to the HAPIT model. We can deliver study compliant with the GS aDALY methodology.

Fuel savings and climate impact

By measuring all the fuel used at the household level during several days on a row (Kitchen Performance Test), we can understand what actual fuel saving are permitted by the intervention and the associated climate impact in tons of CO2e. We can deliver study compliant with GS or CDM cookstove methodology.

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