Stove usage assessment

Using our unique InfraRed stove use monitor (EXACT sensor), we can measure the usage frequency and duration of any stove type easily. Studies have shown that trying to monitor usage with questionnaire is hard and often plagued by courtesy bias and recall error. With our sensors we can monitor any stoves present in the household to get either a snapshot of the often complex usage pattern or to look at the adoption dynamic on longer periods.

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Stove field emission testing

Lab test is useful as a first assessment of a stove performance but you really need to test a stove in the field to assess how it actually perform in real life. With a series of Uncontrolled Cooking Test and a probe we can measure emissions during cooking task done by local cooks.We can measure CO2, CO, PM2.5, Black Carbon and Organic Carbon and derive emission factor (per kg of fuel) and emission rate (per minute of cooking). We can deliver study compliant with the GS Black Carbon methodology.

Measuring health impact

The use of solid fuel exposes households to harmful levels of PM2.5. To assess the health impact of a clean cooking intervention, we measure the reduction of the cook’s PM2.5 exposure. The HAPIT online tool can then translate these measurements in Averted Disease Adjusted Life Years (ADALY).


We use our small and silent constant flow pump (uPump) and a Triplex cyclone to collect 1.5 LPM of air during 48h.  We can also deploy a light scattering real time PM sensor (HAPEx) to get insight into the timing and duration of the PM events. When combined with Stove Use Monitors (like the EXACT), the HAPEx can help pinpoint which stove is emitting the Particulate Matter the cook is exposed to.


In addition to personal exposure measurement, we can also perform area concentration measurement of PM2.5 in different micro environments (like the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc…) to help explain the exposure pattern of different member of the household. Our sampler maybe deployed outdoor by using a specially designed housing.


We can also deploy up to eight high volume samplers to measure the outdoor ambient PM2.5 concentration in different location of the study area. Ambient measurements are useful to understand what portion of the personal exposure can be attributed to source outside of the household.


We typically use PTFE filters with PMP ring (MTL 37mm filter 3um pore size). They are weighted in our lab using a micro balance in a controlled environment (regulated temperature and relative humidity). Our filters are equilibrated for at least 48 hours before measurements. We also systematically use blanks to determine the limit of detection of our measurements.

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Fuel savings and climate impact

By measuring all the fuel used at the household level during several days on a row (Kitchen Performance Test), we can understand what actual fuel saving are permitted by the intervention and the associated climate impact in tons of CO2e. We can deliver study compliant with GS or CDM cookstove methodology.

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