: Evaluation of Nafa Naana activities
: Support to Nafa Naana Carbon offset project
: Carbon offset project development for Palmis Eneji
: Carbon offset workshop for the cookstove value chain stakeholders in Haiti
: Longitudinal Study of 8 improved charcoal stoves in Haiti
: CDM decision tool
: Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop
: Improved cookstoves in Longjie, Guizhou
: Ylang Ylang distillation in the Comoros Islands
: Improved cookstove value chain development in Brazzaville
: Sustainable Energy for Development Program of Activity
: Construction of institutional biodigester in a school in Jean Rabel, Haiti
: Solar Lantern for the Haitian people
: Water purification in rural Chad
: Biodigesters for Zhaotong farmers
: Biodigesters for Weining farmers
: Biodigesters for Qujing farmers
: Biodigesters for Mangshi farmers
: Biodigesters for Danzhai farmers
: Biodigesters for Sichuan farmers