Entrepreneurs du Monde 

logo EdM v2Since its creation in 1998 the French NGO, Entrepreneurs du Monde, has been working with communities in developing countries. The organisation enables thousands of women and men living in extremely difficult circumstances to improve their living conditions: it provides support for their own economic initiatives and helps them gain access to products offering significant health, economic and environmental benefits. It helps these people to be successful, which in turn enables them to make economic and social progress. Today the organisation is active in 12 countries and its work, either through its own programmes or in collaboration with its local partners, focuses on 3 areas:

  • Social microfinance
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • The creation of very small businesses (VSB)


Aprovecho Research Center

AprovechoEstablished in 1976, Aprovecho Research Center (ARC) a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, assists developing world organizations to establish high quality labs so they can test and improve their wood burning cooking stoves.
We had to invent the emissions equipment and have been improving it for more than 10 years. ARC engineers are also involved with:

  • Biomass Stove Research and Development
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Training on Field and Lab Testing, and Stove Design
  • Stove Project Planning
  • Informing the Stove Community  




We have 20 years’ experience delivering award winning Climate+Care programmes for corporate and government clients. Our expert team work in partnership with you to deliver high quality, integrated sustainability programmes, which allow your organisation to take responsibility for carbon and other impacts.

Our Climate+Care approach creates social and environmental outcomes quickly, cost effectively and at scale. To date we have cut 20.6 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for 16.5 million people.

Micama Soley

logo msSAFICO is a Haitan manufacturing and trading company that has existed for more than 60 years. We have been manufacturing mattresses in Haiti under the name MICAMA since 1990. In 2009 SAFICO created a "social" division, MicamaSoley, offering products that improve the lives of Haitians in rural Haiti. Our solar-powered lights and cell phone chargers can improve peoples' lives by saving them money and helping them avoid respiratory diseases. Our water filters provide affordable safe drinking water and protect against water borne diseases like cholera. We help Haitians save money and we help save lives. We have sold more than 100,000 solar lamps and systems. MicamaSoley for a better life.

Good Planet 

logoGPGoodPlanet's mission is to work towards raising everyone’s awareness and knowledge of environmental protection and sustainable development. It offers realistic, optimistic solutions and encourages each individual to act on behalf of the planet based on a series of programs it continues to develop for "putting the ecology at the heart of consciousness."

  • Inform the public about the environment and its challenges: Goodplanet.info
  • Educate about sustainable development: The GoodPlanet Posters
  • Develop an accurate portrayal of humanity today: 7 Billion Others
  • Construct change in the company: GoodPlanet Solidaire
  • Commit itself to the climate: Carbon Action and 10:10

Created in July 2005 under the Association Act of 1901, GoodPlanet became recognized as a public foundation on June 3, 2009. GoodPlanet is a non-political and non-radical foundation, and is a member of the Committee 21.

Initiative Développement

logo IDSince 1994, Initiative Développement has accompanied disadvantaged communities in developing countries, by actively supporting them through local organisations (associations, companies, town halls), aiming at long-term provision of basic needs (health, water and sanitation, education, agriculture, energies). Initiative Développement is currently conducting 20 programmes in seven countries (Haiti, Benin, the Comoros, Congo-Brazzaville, Chad, Togo, and China). In practice, our initiatives are implemented through three types of activity, each corresponding to specific approach and expertise:

  • Establishing local actors and helping them to structure themselves and build their organisational capacities
  • Devising and implementing projects that closely involve local populations
  • Providing services within our areas of expertise.


logo usaidUSAID extends help from the American people to achieve results for the poorest and most vulnerable around the world. That assistance does not represent a Democratic value or a Republican value, but an American value; as beneficiaries of peace and prosperity, Americans have a responsibility to assist those less fortunate so we see the day when our assistance is no longer necessary.

USAID invests in ideas that work to improve the lives of millions of men, women and children by:

  • Investing in agricultural productivity so countries can feed their people
  • Combating maternal and child mortality and deadly diseases like HIV, malaria and tuberculosis
  • Providing life-saving assistance in the wake of disaster
  • Promoting democracy, human rights and good governance around the world
  • Fostering private sector development and sustainable economic growth
  • Helping communities adapt to a changing environment
  • Elevating the role of women and girls throughout all our work

French Developement Agency

logo afdFrench Developement Agency is the operator for France’s bilateral development finance mechanism. It is a public industrial and commercial institution with the status of specialized financial institution.
AFD has been entrusted with a mandate by the French national authorities to contribute to economic and social development in its geographical areas of operation. It achieves this by financing and supporting development projects and programs, participating in the debate, research and dialogue with the relevant stakeholders.
The aim of these actions is to contribute to more sustainable and shared economic growth, improve living conditions in the poorest regions and countries, contribute to preserving the planet and help stabilize fragile or post-conflict countries.

French Global Environment Facility

logo ffemThe FFEM (the French Global Environment Facility/Fonds Français pour l'Environnement Mondial) has been working to promote protection of the global environment in developing countries since it was established by the French government in 1994.

The FFEM is mandated to cofinance development projects with high environmental component in the areas of biodiversity, the greenhouse effect, international waters, land degradation and desertification, persistent organic pollutants and the stratospheric ozone layer


Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation 

logo ygefYunnan Green Environment Development Foundation, registered in Yunnan Civil Affairs Department in 2008, is a local public offering foundation with taking the eco-environmental protection as the main work.

YGF support individuals and organizations at home and abroad, and attract the communities to participate in ecological environmental construction to show solicitude for the forests and climate change, to dedicate to the FCCB, to conserve the biodiversity, to build eco-harmonious communities and to promote sustainable development.



Nafa Naana

logo nafa

Nafa Naana ("guaranteed savings" in the local language) is a micro-franchise launched in 2012. The social enterprise follows a pilot project by Entrepreneurs du Monde, “A Woman, A Stove, A Forest” (project 3F), which, since 2009, has been committed to promoting access to energy products in Burkina Faso. The micro-franchise offers services in response to obstacles that have been identified as hindering the distribution and acquisition of these facilities.



 Palmis Enèji 

logo palmisPalmis Enèji, founded in December 2012 by Entrepreneurs du Monde in partnership with Total Haiti, hopes to make clean, modern and economical energy available to all. To this end, Palmis Enèji functions as a franchised business for the distribution of improved stoves, LPG stoves and solar lamps. It works on two fronts, through:

  • franchised shopkeepers, focusing on three areas: economics (diversification of business, inventory finance, negotiation of purchase pricing); training (technical, management, and marketing); communication (advertising, marketing);
  • families, in two further fields: promotion (public demonstration events, information campaigns etc.); specific micro-loans.


Gold Standard Foundation

logo goldFor ten years, The Gold Standard Foundation has pioneered the way climate change is addressed. Our Reward for Results approach has channelled billions of Euros into 1000 low carbon development projects.

To receive our prestigious stamp of approval all Gold Standard projects must be implemented following our best practice rules, consult with local stakeholders, continually reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the environment and people’s lives. Once certified by The Gold Standard projects are issued credits annually against independently audited climate and sustainable development outcomes. The purchase of these credits – by governments, business, impact investors and individuals – provides on-going funding to project activities.


logo chemonicsAt Chemonics, we believe our mission of helping people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives is driven by our commitment to service—service to our mission, to our beneficiaries, to our clients, and to our staff.

From our founding in 1975, we have worked in more than 150 countries to help our clients, partners, and beneficiaries face difficult challenges, from political instability to limited healthcare to a lack of market infrastructure. We have helped them overcome those challenges by working together to find and implement innovative projects that achieve development impact.

We are entirely employee-owned, giving us both the freedom and the responsibility to pursue our mission with single-minded focus. Holding ourselves to the highest quality standards, we are also committed to living our values of caring, excellence, innovation, integrity, and opportunity to implement efficient and effective programs that build a better future for those we serve.