We are passionate about the energy access challenge in the developing world! Energy is the engine of sustainable development yet too many households, institutions and businesses are hindered by the use of dirty and inefficient fuels.
We believe that monitoring and evaluation are essential in order for improved cookstove interventions to achieve their full potential. We offer this service and give project implementers, stove manufacturers and funders the means to understand their stoves actual usage rates and the real life impacts they achieve.


Founder - Olivier Lefebvre

Olivier Lefebvre - Climate Solutions ConsultingOlivier has more than 10 years of experience working for the developing world. He has contributed to energy access projects worldwide. He has successfully led a dozen projects in having their socio-economic and environmental impacts certified by the Gold Standard Foundation.

Olivier has a MS in Tropical Agriculture Development and Social Water Management from Sup’Agro Montpellier and a BS in Water Engineering from the Polytechnic Engineering School of Montpellier in France.

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Administrative Assistant - Logan Fitzpatrick

logan v2Logan has worked extensively in China with an environmental NGO and with an international experiential education company. She is fluent in Chinese. Logan has a MA in International Studies/Environment and Natural Resources with a focus on China and a BA in International Studies with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language.

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Independant Expert Alliance

We have put together an alliance of independant experts so that we can provide our clients with the best expertise on a wide arrays of topics in a timely manner.

Ryan Thompson - Stove Field Testing Expert

Ryan ThompsonRyan Thompson, founder of Mountain Air Engineering, holds a Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering, and is completing a Masters of Science in environmental engineering studying aerosol science, air quality monitoring, and combustion. For the past five years, Ryan has focused on developing methods and portable sampling systems for measuring cookstove emissions while working at Aprovecho Research Center and University of Illinois.

Mountain Air Engineering works for the future. We provide equipment and consulting services for environmental monitoring, with a special focus on measuring combustion emissions. We also provide mechanical and environmental engineering services for implementing technologies that improve the quality of life for people and species with basic survival challenges.



David Beritault - Stove Testing Expert

David Beritault

With a background in thermal engineering, David specializes in biomass energy and technology testing and development. He has accumulated 8 years’ experience in stove design and testing (laboratory and field conditions), biomass combustion, charcoal production and agro-processing. He has worked in South-East Asia, Central Asia and West Africa.
David holds a Master’s degree in Science and Technology and trained at Aprovecho Research Center, US EPA Cookstove Test Facility and CIRAD (International Agricultural Research Center for Development – France).




Li Wang - Expert in Statistics

Li Wang

Li Wang is a Ph.D. candidate in statistics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Li brings solid statistical modeling and programming skills in R and SAS. He has already worked on a variety of topics and is planning on taking a computer science master alongside his Pd.D.